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Savanna Kidz Lombok Kidz Yokoze Town Miraite
Town Purpose, Vision ・Improving infrastructure in Karungu Village, Uganda ・Local people in Lombok Island can make a living through tourism jobs
→Sustainable development of the Puyun area The residents of Yokoze Town and related organizations carry out autonomous town development by gathering funds and supporters from around the world to take charge of implementing measures to address the challenges faced by the town. Provide junior high and high school students with experiences in the new Web3 of the digital age, and create a space to acquire skills that can thrive in the era of "Digital Rural Cities," where everyone can live comfortably and conveniently anywhere in the country.
1st Project Overview ① Construction of water storage tanks
② Community bus
③ New elementary school building
④ Microfinance
→Determined by voting
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1DeszntC5WGKkhe7TxH1Zfua4BaP7i7a Construction of a community space where students taught by SSS can learn customer service skills Establishment of "JOY LAB," a school specializing in Web3 education
・With cutting-edge Web3 education, students in Yokoze Town and all NFT holders can become globally competitive talents Miraite Web3 Professional High School Student Development Project
・Offer a donation-based digital business experience program using NFTs for 13 commercial and industrial high schools in Kanagawa Prefecture that specialize in information, and provide a co-working space in Shibuya, where Web3 companies thrive, for students and stakeholders to gather
Target People in international organizations
People working in Uganda Digital nomads
Overseas travelers People (Japanese) who want to learn and practice Web3 ① Companies that accept high school interns
② Companies/individuals that support Miraite's activities
Target Supplement ・Seeking advice and expertise for the infrastructure improvement project in Karungu Village ・Want them to visit Lombok Island multiple times
→Recommend it to their travel companions ・Want them to learn Web3 and join Yokoze Town's 2nd project together ・Miraite already has some supporters
→First, have existing supporters hold NFTs as a "proof of Miraite's companionship"
→The next step is to increase the number of Miraite's activity partners
Reward None (donation-based) ・Private tour
・Use of community space
・Participation in local festivals Participate in JOY LAB NFT issuance experience (total of 7 sessions) ・Publicity by sponsor names
・Priority purchase rights for student-created NFTs
・Usage rights for Miraite Lab @ Cat Street
Reference URL https://www.savannakidz.com/ https://lombok-kidz.open-town.org/

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