<aside> 💡 The purpose of issuing NFTs is not only for fundraising but also to convey the project's worldview to NFT holders and foster community cohesion.


Conditions for creation

We will collaborate with artists/designers who can work within the community.

We actively encourage artists to participate in the concept-making process for the art. If there are no artists in the community, we can create art based on the requirements, but the expression will be limited.

Decisions to make for issuance

  1. Determine the purpose of the project and rewards for NFT holders
  2. Determine the target audience who you want to buy the NFT
  3. Decide how much funding you want to raise, and determine the number and price of the issues
  4. Think about the specific design of the NFT
    1. Determine how to create the NFT art
    2. Determine the concept of the art
    3. Create a completed version of the art
    4. Mass-produce the completed art according to the number of issues In charge of the surprise team

Here, we will describe point 4 in more detail.

a. Decide how to create the NFT art

<aside> 💡 The number of realistically issuable art pieces depends on how the NFT art is made. Therefore, it is essential to have a set number of art issues when discussing how to create NFT art!


Membership Type (ID Change) Single Image Type (Background Color Change) Generative Art (Part Change)
Number of issues Unlimited Considering color combinations, 200-300 is the limit Theoretically unlimited, but the workload increases accordingly
Characteristics ・Limited to card-like designs
・ID change only for one design
・Design time until issuance is minimized with just one design ・One design
・Can be created with a completely free design
・Background or a part of one design is replaced with designated colors
・All issued colors for the background need to be specified ・Creating one NFT art by combining multiple parts
・Each NFT design has unique features
・Create 50-150 parts using Illustrator or Photoshop
Completion period for one art piece 2-3 weeks 2 weeks to 1 month (checking color combinations and making minor adjustments is necessary) At least 2 months (checking for unnatural parts by combining the created parts takes time)
Examples https://opensea.io/collection/savanna-kidz-green-resident-visa Yokoze color pass, https://opensea.io/collection/yokoze-color-pass, https://opensea.io/collection/doodles-official


Membership Type


Single Image Type


Generative Art

b. Deciding the Art Concept

<aside> 💡 In order to express the project's purpose and worldview through NFT art, it is important to establish an art concept.


Example: Yokoze Color Pass NFT